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Our goal is to provide the most complete, relevant, and current philanthropic information, data, and thought leadership to development professionals.

365 Fundraising Truisms for the Aspiring Five Tool Fundraiser


“Yes. We’ll make the gift.” Is there anything sweeter for a fundraiser to hear than this? Few things can make a fundraiser happier.

Our Knowlege page, like our 365 fundraising truisms, changes daily. Be sure to mark the site and return often.


We have hand-selected the best fundraising books covering the key elements of the fundraising profession: soliciting, managing staff, managing volunteers, partnering with your CEO, and becoming a visionary and a strategist.

The 365 Fundraising Truisms and Five Tool Fundraiser are two recommended books to acquire for the library of every fundraiser.

We also have a selection of fundraising tools, gift items like clothing and calendars, and other essential fundraiser items.

5TF Books

YouTube Channel

If you are looking for content that will help you elevate your fundraising knowledge and take you to the next level as a development professional, visit The Five Tool Fundraiser YouTube Channel. On the channel you will find all of our recorded webinars as well as interviews, shorts, podcasts, live streams, and so much more. While you are on the channel, please SUBSCRIBE so you will be alerted when new content is available.


The best fundraisers rely on experts to assist in critical moments.

Altrulist will be the most robust and complete list of fundraising specialists available on the web.

Are you a provider of fundraising support and services that would like to be listed on our site?



We know that becoming a top fundraiser requires a commitment to lifelong professional learning and acquisition of knowledge and new skills. The Five Tool Fundraiser is here to provide training across each of the five tools of fundraising to help you along your path.

Below is an abbreviated list of upcoming webinars.