The Five Tool Fundraiser exists to unite, educate, equip, and inspire fundraising professionals to achieve their fullest potential and maximize their positive impact.

We raise up fundraising professionals across all sectors and at every experience level to achieve their fullest professional potential. By providing essential tools and resources, we empower fundraisers with knowledge and skills to excel in their profession with the goal of creating favorable and lasting impact.

Our Pillars


Our mission is to establish The Five Tool Fundraiser as the foremost resource for fundraisers, so that together we can create greater good in the world.

Our Pillars

  • Courage
  • Perseverance
  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Wisdom

That’s great…but why do you keep calling it

The Five Tool Fundraiser ™?

The Five Tool Fundraiser ™ is a tested and proven framework developed by Christopher Looney in 2008 to help understand the characteristics of the best and most successful development professionals in the nonprofit and fundraising industries while providing a more thoughtful and strategic approach to the work of the development professional.

Our Founder

Chris Looney, the Founder and CEO of The Five Tool Fundraiser™ has committed his professional life to the advancement of the nonprofit sector. Today, Chris is most interested in elevating the field of philanthropy and the capacity of fundraisers to succeed. Chris is the son of two legendary fundraisers. His wife, Anisha, works in development as well for a well-known research hospital. For nearly 25 years, Chris provided advice, guidance, and support to hundreds of organizations in his role as a senior leader for one of the nation’s largest and most successful fundraising consulting firms.