Fundraising campaigns provide an opportunity to involve dozens of new volunteers into the organization and often the best volunteers prove themselves to be incredible prospects for the organization’s Board of […]


Fundraising, as defined by fundraising legend Hank Rosso, is the “gentle art of teaching others the joy of giving”


Don’t underestimate the importance of adequate preparation leading into an ask meeting. Who’s in the room? Who makes the ask? Why is this the right project and the right amount? […]


Meetings raise money. Not necessarily the internal meetings with staff…but the meetings with the Board, with Board members and volunteers, with prospects, with donors, with connectors, ambassadors and other friends.


If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness and impact of your board through continuing recruitment efforts, be sure your very best board members are on the board nominating committee. They […]


Fundraising is a high risk and high reward activity. Those that are unwilling to take calculated risks or engage in uncomfortable or courageous conversations are destined to fail in fundraising.


Donors are looking for organizations that “check all the boxes.” The boxes might vary a bit, but the most common boxes connect to personal relationships, an appreciation for the mission, […]


Most people don’t realize that dead people give away more money through their bequests each year than do US corporations. Individuals, when you factor bequests and DAFs and other family […]


Online fundraising allows your organization to be open 24 hours a day. Make sure your “self-serve” giving options are available to your donors and prospects.


Philanthropy is ever-evolving and expanding to encompass different ways of creating social change, including concepts like social enterprises, program-related investments, impact bonds, and impact investing.